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Youth Sailing Challenge
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The Challenge ends at 8:00PM on Sunday November 11th.

Here is an opportunity for you to help support one of the many youth sailing organizations in the PNW. If you're a skipper it is likely that you've recruited crew for your boat who have learned to sail through one of these organization. To help the sport please consider giving now to one of these fine organizations. At least look through these and see what's out there.

Also, we would like all of the RTC participants to be aware of this challenge. We will keep a running total by boat here of the amount contributed and the number of "friends of the boat" that have participated. Please make your crew and friends aware of this fund raising activity.

Just find the club you would like to help and hit the "Donation Form" link. It will ask for your boat name and enough information to send you the tax receipt by email. These are tax deductible contributions.

Donation Form

Participating Clubs:
Sail Sand Point
The Sailing Foundation
Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing
Gig Harbor YC Junior Sail Program
Bellingham Sailing Foundation
Sail Orcas
Oak Harbor Youth Sailing
Divide equally among all organizations
Kitsap Sailing & Rowing Foundation