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Nov 13 & 14 2021


Skipper's meeting Friday Nov 12th

Watch the Zoom Recording. The weather briefing by Bruce Hedrick is excellent.

Topic: Round the County Skipper's Meeting
Start Time: Nov 12, 2021 06:56 PM -- The meeting gets going at 4 minutes into this recording.
Meeting Recording

Crew Wanting Ride: If you are crew looking for a boat to sail on go to this page: NOR Follow the directions for crew registration. Once you have the registration form open select the first option for the boat: "Any boat will do -- I'm looking for a ride". Finish the form and submit. You will get placed on the list accessible from the website.

Skippers Needing Crew: If you need crew for the race email racedirector@roundthecounty.com and we will send you the info.

Thank you for participating in our 2021 event!
Here are a few announcements:

Shore-side Information - rev1.1

Crew waiver: As a condition of registration, you were required to sign a skipper’s agreement that includes your assumption of risk and a waiver and release of liability. Per Notice of Race (NOR) 3.6, each of your crew (including co-skippers) must also sign a similar crew agreement. Please direct your crew to the NOR page and ask that they follow the instructions on the page to complete their waiver. You can monitor the status of completed waivers using the Fleet List page at roundthecounty.com. Simply click the number next to your boat entry to view your crew list. It is your responsibility to ensure that ALL crew on your boat are appropriately listed on the site—your boat is subject to protest and disqualification should crew participate on your boat that are not listed.

Covid Please note NOR 3.7, which states, “The owner/skipper and all crew must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in conformance with CDC guidelines.” If your entire crew are unable to meet this requirement, we request that you withdraw your registration—refunds are available through October 22.

Shoreside activities: We’ve just posted a shoreside information document (link above ^^^). While there will be no welcome reception or in-person awards ceremony, the party tent at Roche WILL be available with tables and six BBQs for your use. No alcohol or t-shirt sales will be available, though land-based stores and restaurants are expected to be available.

Apparel: Order shirts and sweatshirts ahead of time this year! Online Store This year’s design will incorporate the name of each boat registered as of October 22 on the back of the shirt. Visit the online store as t-shirts will NOT be sold at the event this year. Orders placed by October 22 will ship before the event. Orders placed after this date will be shipped after the event. Here’s a preview of the design:

BTW, the boats on the shirt in this image are from the 2019 race. What will actually be printed will be from the 2021 fleet list on October 22nd.

shirts image

Travel restrictions for boats entering the US expire on October 21, 2021 unless extended.

The Round the County (RTC) race has evolved into one of our region’s top races that competitive boats in the Northwest look forward to each November. As organizers, we strive to provide the best experience possible from professional race and protest committees to a welcoming and fun atmosphere, to safety on and off the course. We are working to make the 2021 event as great as any in the past.

Photos from the race 2019 - excellent! -- Jan's Pics