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Nov 13 & 14 2021

2021 NOR

Wavier of Liability form for skippers & all crew

Waiver forms are needed from all skippers, co-skippers and every one of their crew. This is a requirement (NOR 3.6) to participate in this regatta. To have the waiver form instructions sent to you by email, please send a request email to events@oiyc.org with "skipper" or "crew" in the subject line. All of a boat's crew must send a separate request using their own email account with the word "crew" in the subject line. That way the server knows which form to send and whom to send it to.

Skippers, do not forward your link to your crew. They need to request their own unique link by the process outlined.

If your crew person is under 18 then their parent/guardian needs to request the form and place "parent" and "crew" in the subject line. The request needs to be sent to events@oiyc.org using the parent's email account. Thank you!

Your requested email with instructions should be returned to you within a few minutes.

Skippers named on the Fleet List, who were the person who entered the boat in the race, do not need to do this, but you could if you want. You have already agreed to the waiver terms when you registered. Co-Skippers do need to follow these directions.

BTW, you should get an email back from events@oiyc.org within minutes. If you don't see it check your spam box.